She Wanna Fly
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Waiting For Me
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Introducing Karma Bonita to Edan Street
Music from around the Globe.
Kai: A Taste of Me
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Debut Album from Mr Jay
Are You Ready Fot the TRUTH?
111 Film Premier
Magic Shoes
Magic Shoes Kai
Life on Edan Street.
Co Founders of Edan Street: James (L) Will (R)

Welcome to Life on Edan Street


Edan Street is an audio/video production company based in Letchworth Garden City, founded by Will Alleyne (Executive Producer), James ‘Mr Jay’ Sweet (Recording Artist and A&R) and Ross ‘RMcO‘ McNaught (Producer). There are currently eight acts and three producers working under the Edan Street umbrella, three of which also specialise in video capture, editing and post production. Edan Street work in close conjunction with Crouching Mole Films (London), StreetCornerz (Dacorum), Edan Project Studios (Hertfordshire), ML-DJ.COM Promotions, MMADJ Promotions and T-Pak Productions (London).


Edan Project Studios is where all Edan Street Artists’ music , at some point along its path  will find itself.  Anywhere from Vocal Recording, mixing through to Master. We work closely with other studios to focus on the sound that each project may require and can negotiate great live room rates as part of your project.Follow the link above to View Rates and read more about our offers.